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Blemish whitening professional analysis report


Blemish whitening professional analysis report

The skin should be white and clean.

The whitening essences of various brands have highlighted the effect of spot light this year.

However, it is very difficult to spot it. Is it safe?

Let us examine it.

  Where are the spots?

  There are many kinds of stains, and they are somewhat related to genetic factors, so some people are prone to spots, and some people do not take care of them, and the spots are still not obvious.

Freckles are born naturally. They are darkened in adolescence and youth, and gradually fade after 35 years of age.

Melasma, liver spots, etc. are related to endocrine factors. After changes in mood, physiological state, rest state, etc., they will deepen or lighten.

These spots are of little significance to improve by whitening products.

  Whitening products are mainly aimed at the “sunburn” caused by ultraviolet rays-almost everyone can’t hide it until they get old, and the amount of “senile spots” still cannot be separated from the damage of ultraviolet rays.

  The appearance of “sunburn” is not because there is no sun protection during a trip, otherwise it has a lot to do with the amount of ultraviolet light absorbed by the skin before the age of 20.

Vichy experts call the skin’s natural anti-ultraviolet ability as the “sunshine cost”.

Before the age of 20, tanning, sunburn, and skin will soon return to fairness without leaving a spot on the surface, thanks to a large amount of “capital”; and these “capital” will be squandered and even overdrawnThe skin’s ability to defend against ultraviolet rays becomes weaker and weaker, and skin light aging phenomena such as pigmentation, fine lines, sagging, and sensitivity will occur.

  Every other exposure, even if there is no obvious change in the skin surface or the original appearance is restored soon, the skin will leave a mark of injury in the rupture of the skin, and it may appear as a stain in the future.

  Between the skin epidermis layer and the dermis layer, some thin basal layers, after being stimulated by ultraviolet rays, melanocytes are activated here and secrete melanin.

Melanin gradually accumulates and slowly floats out of the surface of the skin to become pigmented spots-in the detection of professional instruments, it is often possible to find “deep” pigmented spots in the skin that have not yet surfaced.

  At the same time, the melanin that is activated in the basal layer will “root” into the dermis layer-that is, the pigmentation will appear as a “dot” on the surface, but a “chain” in cross section, which will promote the dermal layer together from the skin surface.

  It can be seen that it is not easy to try to fade or fade after “saw” the stain.

The best way is to start sunscreen every day as early as possible to prevent the appearance of pigmentation.

  In fact, because pigmentation occurs in the bottom layer, effective skin care products for dark spots should be applied to the deep layers of the skin, such as whitening essences, masks, etc. Whitening lotions or creams mainly act on the stratum corneum.Not too big.

  Regarding the method of “eliminating melanin-containing aging cuticles” to lighten the spots, we should not disapprove.

According to this principle, the most “extreme” method is to remove spots by laser or pulsed light. The “melanin-containing keratin” on the surface is removed. After half a year, the melanin in the basal layer will resurface on the surface, and the stains will “old placesee”.

  Who needs blemish control?

  -Skins that have developed surface stains.

  Obviously, this kind of skin is “born” and easy to grow spots. In addition to the stains that have been seen on the surface, there are more under the skin, which need to be controlled in time to “stop” its floating surface.

Choose high-efficiency, trusted whitening essence, stick to it for half a year, one year or even several months, don’t replace it repeatedly, you will see the effect of light spots.

  -Acne on the surface and arthritic skin.

  Often suffers from acne-prone, rash-prone, and inflammatory skin. The skin temperature will be higher, it will be easier to absorb ultraviolet rays, and activate melanin; and skin inflammation itself will stimulate melanin production.

Therefore, the initial thing to do is to control acne, Shu Min, anti-inflammatory, and choose a safe whitening essence as soon as possible to prevent the generation of pigmentation.

  -Never knew sun protection, sunburned skin.

  This kind of skin will show some stains after 30 years of age, and can be controlled by implanting with a mild whitening essence.

  Skin after -30 years.

  At this time, the skin metabolism begins to slow down, and it is easy to cause irregular deposition of melanin and cause pigmentation.

Therefore, as long as the skin condition is relatively healthy, whitening essence should be used for a long time regardless of whether there are spots.

  Classic blemish: Although the functional ingredients of vitamin C whitening essences vary from brand to brand, the most classic is vitamin C, which is indispensable in almost every whitening essence.

  Ordinary vitamin C molecules are large and unstable. The skin cannot be absorbed quickly, it will oxidize when it encounters air, and lose its whitening effect.

The “vitamin C inducer”, “vitamin CG”, “vitamin C magnesium phosphate”, “pure living vitamin C precursor”, etc. used by the major brands are all “vitamin C derivatives”, which are extremely polarSubtle vitamin C molecules can penetrate into the basal layer of the skin instantly, and are not easy to oxidize. It is currently the most stable, safest and non-irritating vitamin C.

  Vitamin C’s most unique whitening effect is to “restore” the activated melanin.However, to achieve this effect, the purity of the vitamin C in the whitening essence must be complete, transparent or translucent gel-like, or powdery, and the essence mixed with the solvent during use will have the highest activity and the best effect.
If it is in the form of an emulsion, or if salicylic acid (BHA), lactic acid, or fruit acid (AHA) is added to “remove aging cells containing melanin”, its “reducing” effect will be discounted.