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[How to roll sushi curtain]_Sushi curtain_How to roll_How to roll

[How to roll sushi curtain]_Sushi curtain_How to roll_How to roll

Sushi curtains are actually tools that cannot be used to make sushi, but many people do n’t know how to use them properly without knowing some usage techniques. The sushi made is easy to scatter, so you can take a look at the correct use methods described below.


Stir the rice in sushi vinegar, mix well and wait for it to cool.

Students who do not have ready-made sushi vinegar can prepare according to the ratio of white vinegar: sugar = 3: 1.

Only sugar in vinegar!

Please warm up when preparing!

But don’t run away because of the sour taste of vinegar.

In addition, try to steam the rice a little harder, otherwise seaweed Xixi water week will become very soft and difficult to make beautiful rolls.


Three eggs are beaten into an egg liquid. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of sweet soy sauce, stir well, and fry into this tender egg.

Because the map saves trouble, no thick egg roast is built.

After the eggs are fried, let them cool down, at this time I decided to take a shower first.


Cut one cucumber into 6 equal pieces, remove the middle seeds, and set aside.

(I am so ugly. Do n’t laugh at me (_ ゝ `) 4.

By the way, talk about today’s material.

It says ぴ ょ う ん ぴ ょ う is the pickled scoop, there seems to be nowhere else to sell this . I checked to see if it was pickled and dried.

If this is difficult to get started, you can use shiitake mushrooms instead.

That is, the shiitake mushrooms are washed and shredded. Add the water of the shiitake mushrooms that has not been used before, add 5 tablespoons of sweet soy sauce, 5 tablespoons of sugar and cook for about 10-15 minutes.Squeeze excess water for later use.



Used 4 books because they are too thin and soft.
But if you use too thick and hard books, it is not conducive to making too much volume, because you have to feel it by hand and then organize the shape and volume too much.


Cover the magazine with plastic wrap.


Put Shanghai moss on it and spread the rice.

Don’t spread the rice too thin.


The wind is too curly!

Cucumber + pickled dried scoop (can be replaced with pickled shiitake mushrooms) + eggs + crab sticks, you can squeeze a mayonnaise up, but I did not put it here.


Come on!

Here you need to pay attention, first roll it up and squeeze it tightly (just don’t force it too much) when you just roll it.

Then pull the rolled half of the roll to the spine section, open the plastic wrap, and then continue to roll up the entire roll.


The first volume of the volume.

It’s crooked . this is the reason to use thin and soft books, because after the entire magazine is rolled on the roll, you can start from the middle and stretch to the sides while adjusting the strength of the hand. The thick side isPress harder and the thin side just stretches along.11.

Spicy cabbage fish roulade!

Cucumber + fish sausage + eggs + spicy cabbage + mayonnaise.

I didn’t cut it because the fish sausage I used was very thin.


Korean spicy cabbage is too roll!

Cucumber + egg + crab stick + spicy cabbage + mayonnaise + pickled dried scoop (or pickled shiitake).

It was supposed to be sprinkled with fried white sesame seeds but I didn’t put it when I found it.
You must put sesame seeds to make Korean-style too-rolls!


It was miserable when it was rolled up.

Of course, the two sides will be cut off, and now it is time to cut.

Have your knife and kitchen paper and water ready.


Try to moisten the knife as much as possible so that it will not stick.

In case the whole roll is stuck, it will be scattered.
Then I thought of a way to moisten the kitchen paper with water and wipe it every time I cut it. It kept wetting the knife, and I could wipe off the rice grains and sauces on the knife.