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Is it whimsical to want to lose face with a facial cleanser alone?


Is it whimsical to want to lose face with a facial cleanser alone?

1. Pure plant ingredients: The so-called pure plant cleansing milk, the ionic active agent that is responsible for decontamination itself is chemically synthesized. First, one thing must be clarified, which is a chemical structural formula.The effect must be the same.

So whether it is pure plant extraction or chemical synthesis, as long as it is the same ionic active agent, the effect will not be the same.

Fundamentally speaking, the extraction of ionic active agents from plants requires very high technology and equipment, and the cost of refining and concentration is surprisingly high. It is by no means a price of around one hundred yuan.

Therefore, the so-called pure plant cleansing milk, most of which are ionic active agents for decontamination, are chemically synthesized.

Even some facial cleansers claim to be plant-type, but actually do not include plant residue at the same time, only attract consumers with plant fragrance or color.

  2. Whitening: I just want to whiten my face by washing my face. I am afraid that the facial cleanser has a very limited time on the body. True, it can wash away the oil on the surface of the skin, without dirt and dust.

But where is melanin?

Melanin is far in the base cells of the skin.

Any facial cleanser will be beyond the reach of these hidden melanin.

After washing your face, it’s possible to clear and brighten, but do you notice that your skin is obviously white?

Then I can only say that this is not a psychological effect, or that your whole body is too gray.

  3, long-lasting oil control: long-term use of weak alkaline facial cleanser will damage the skin micro-circulation facial cleanser can of course wash away the existing oil, but you must know that the last step of washing your face is to rinse the cleanser without leaving any traceWhat long-acting oil-controlling factors in those facial cleansers have not been washed away, how can they still be effective?

Moreover, most oil-controlling facial cleansers on the market are weakly alkaline. They are really refreshing at first use, but our skin surface is slightly acidic. Long-term use of weakly alkaline facial cleansers will damage the microcirculation of the skin, resulting in more controlThe more oily the situation.

  4, thin face: a small facial cleanser to get a thin face is totally whimsical, there are many reasons, there are skeletal, unfortunate, and muscular and puffy, but no matter which aspect, want to use smallThe small cleanser was completely whimsical.

If face-washing really has a slimming effect, it is only the effect of massage during face-washing. It has nothing to do with facial cleanser.

Baby Fat is actually very cute, I really do n’t like it, I can only go to the beauty salon to grind bone and liposuction.