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[Can you eat tofu for weight loss]_Tofu_Slimming_Can you eat

[Can you eat tofu for weight loss]_Tofu_Slimming_Can you eat

The diet health during weight loss must be paid attention to, because only a healthy and scientific diet can avoid excessive intake of interchange. In fact, you can eat tofu during weight loss. You can add bitter gourd tofu or tofu soup.Weight loss, one, bitter gourd tofu material tofu 50?
100g, 1 bitter gourd, 100g ground meat, a small amount of spring onion, a little bit of soy sauce, about 350 calories bitter gourd, very refreshing.

After washing the bitter gourd, cut into pieces and hollow out; chopped tofu and ground meat, put a small amount of onion and soy sauce in the bowl, mix and stir with a spoon, stir the stirred ingredients into the hollowed bitter gourd, then add electricitySteam in the pot for about 1 hour?
1 hour and 30 minutes.

Second, tofu soup material tofu 50?
100g, winter powder 50g, cabbage 100g, kelp 100g, tomato 100g, about 180 calories soup is not greasy, light and delicious.

Wash the cabbage, kelp and tomatoes with water, cut the tofu, cut the cabbage, slice the tomatoes, put all the ingredients in the pot, and add about 1000cc of water to cook.

Third, tofu, it is best to eat it cold, or you can cook soup or dip it in Sichuan sauce and eat it. The conversion of fried tofu is too high.

White rice with soya beans, coarse rice, or other glutinous rice cooked rice, high nutritional content, is one of the healthy food.

Cooked soy beans, plus some green onions, soy sauce or other condiments, are also a good healthy dish.