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Frequent cupping can cure all diseases

Frequent cupping can cure all diseases

Although cupping therapy is very safe, if it is not handled properly, it will bring relief and even pain to the patient. Therefore, pay attention to the following points when cupping: 1.

Keep warm.

  Cupping can only be performed after removing clothes, so direct wind should be avoided during treatment to prevent cold and maintain the indoor temperature.


Avoid burns.

  Do not drop the lighter into the jar, and do not burn it at the mouth of the jar to avoid burns.


Not local.

  Damaged skin, skin marks, excess skin or bone protrusions should not be cupped.

In addition, consistent parts cannot be pulled every day.

Do not redraw until the skull marks of the cupping have subsided.


Prevent infection.

  After the can is lifted, if the skin appears flushed, itchy, and itchy, it should not be scratched. It can dissipate after a few hours or days.

If blisters, water droplets, bleeding points, congestion, etc. appear, they are normal treatment responses.

Those with light blisters only need to prevent scratching and allow them to absorb naturally. When the blisters break, you can pierce the water with a disinfecting needle at the root of the blisters and apply disinfecting gauze to prevent infection.


Cupping time.

  Severe disease, deep disease location and painful disease, cupping time should be long; mild disease, shallow disease location and paralytic disease, cupping time should be short.

For muscle-rich areas, the time may be slightly longer; for muscle-thin areas, the cupping time should be short.

Cupping time is appropriately extended in cold weather, and prolonged in hot weather.