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Relief measures for office workers with cervical soreness

Relief measures for office workers with cervical soreness

The working and studying pressures of working people nowadays, coupled with the scourge of computers, are causing more and more cervical spine problems.

Although cervical soreness may not be a serious illness, the torture from time to time still makes people miserable.

Multi-use the following small methods, will have a good relief effect.

  Bend forward and recline: The feet are the same length as the shoulders, and the muscles are adjusted appropriately. Relax the upper and lower hands and massage the back muscles of the neck. Keep your eyes flat and breathe naturally.

Then, slowly sag your head to bring your lower jaw as close to your chest as possible; slowly raise your eyes and look backwards. In the process, cooperate with deep breathing.

  Move left and right: Same as above.

Turn the right side slowly to the left, exhale, look to the right; turn right to restore, inhale; continue to turn right, look to the right, exhale; restore, inhale.

  Left and right lateral flexion: Same posture as above.

Flex your head to the left when exhaling, and flex your head to the right when inhaling.

  Shrug up and down: Droop up and down, shrug up and down, with deep breathing.

Extreme or sitting posture.

  Finally, the editor recommends that: office workers should be at their desks for about an hour, and follow the methods of the above declaration, each time not less than 5 minutes.

After performing these activities, it is best to add back-and-forth movements and slow squat movements. If necessary, you can also do aerobics for general health.